Enjoy Veganuary With Our Vegan Brioche

13th January 2023

January is a time of self-reflection. After all the indulgence of the Christmas period, many of us have gained a newfound sense of clarity to enter the New Year with – starting with a resolution. It could be to become more active, learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or overhauling our diets.

Veganuary has become an institution over the years by encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to not just cut out meat, but all animal foods and by-products for 31 days. This means no milk, honey, gummy bears and, in some cases, bread (we know, shocking!).

You’d be forgiven for asking yourself how you’d even cope without all the staple foods that you’d miss out on. However, going vegan isn’t as tough of a switch as you think. Especially with Kara’s Vegan Brioche! To help you get yourself up and running this Veganuary (and beyond, you never know, you might like it!), we’ve got some recipes that will inspire you to make this month your own.

Bubble and Squeak Burgers

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? When we think of a brioche, the thought of a burger in the middle isn’t far behind. With some subtle tweaks here and there, our Bubble and Squeak Burger will have no problem in making mouths water. There are plenty of vegan substitutes for the butter and burgers you need, but all the vegetable goodness remains the same to deliver a delicious and nutritious meat alternative.

Crunchy Brioche Salad

The dreaded meal that everyone has in their mind when anything vegan is mentioned: the salad. However, our Crunchy Brioche Salad is a sure-fire way of beating the Veganuary blues and giving yourself a taste of the warmer months to come. No meat? No fish? No problem! You’ll find that our salad, with its tomatoes, olives, and our Vegan Brioche, will be more than enough on its own, providing a filling and flavoursome meal.

Lemon and Raspberry Posset

Simple, effective, but delicious! Our Lemon and Raspberry Posset is the perfect way to round off a satisfying vegan dining experience. Tart, creamy but still free of animal products! If you can get your hands on some vegan shortbread then by all means, add this on top of this punchy little pudding, with some toasted vegan brioche bits to boot!

Caramel Brioche Pudding

Found you’ve got too many brioches left in the kitchen? Bread based products like vegan brioche are incredibly versatile can be used in a multitude of ways to reduce food waste in the home. It’s time to think outside the box and get creative. Obviously, not everyone is going to have vegan butter and cream in their fridges to make our Caramel Brioche Pudding their own. But with this recipe, it may be worth keeping some around!

Fruity Bread Pudding

It does what it says on the tin but goes far beyond what you expect from a vegan meal. Our Fruity Bread Pudding certainly puts on a show for whoever it’s served to. It must be said that a dessert with ice cream, milk and crème fraiche is bound to raise a few red flags for the resident vegans out there. However, all that can be solved with the modern wonder of substitution with vegan products. You shouldn’t suffer from doing the right thing, and with our bread pudding, using our delicious Vegan Brioche, we’re giving vegans the reward they deserve.

With our Vegan Brioche, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting some fantastic vegan meals. Check out our wholesale bakery product range or get inspired with more of our recipes.

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