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Kara is your future bakery-based partner in delicious. Our varied and innovative bakery wholesale range has been setting the standard for quality for close to four decades and counting. Let’s get baking!

Suppliers that Stock Kara

We build our relationships on expertise, transparency, and a shared commitment to quality. We’re proud to have been partners in such success through the years.

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Selections to suit your sector

From savoury to sweet, our wholesale bakery range bakes quality into whatever sector it is served in.

Product Range

We move with the times of the ever-changing foodservice landscape, by developing the core bakery categories but also utilising the specialist knowledge of our group capabilities to ensure we cater for every menu.

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Vegan Brioche Buns
Sliced Breads & Bloomers
Gourmet Burger Buns
Floured Baps

Industry Insight & Expertise

We add value through industry-leading expertise that identifies opportunities for all our customers. By investing in research and current insights, we lead the foodservice industry from the front.

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Enhancing Innovation

We innovate for the betterment of the out of home market as a whole. Our unwavering commitment to research and current trend insights is the root of our innovation as we create for future demands.

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Committed to Quality

Quality is not just experienced through our bakery products; we ensure you feel the Kara quality throughout your journey with us. Quality through our partnerships is crucial to offering excellence.

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