Baking for the Hospitality Sector

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The hospitality industry is one of the largest to play a part in the growth of the food and drink sector. From hoteliers and pubs to businesses within the travel and tourism industry, hospitality is big business. Whether you’re a pub chain looking for the next tasty (but profitable) burger carrier, or you’re a hotel looking for sliced breads for your morning menu; Kara Foodservice has you covered. We understand the complexity of menu planning for the hospitality sector and are on hand to help you adapt your business and provide support so you can build a better future.

At Kara we have an extensive range of artisan, gluten free and vegan wholesale breads on offer to cater for a wide variety of menus – and tastes. Make Kara your hospitality supplier of choice.

Baking for the Hospitality Sector

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Kara Foodservice is the one-stop-shop for all things bakery. Our specialist teams have extensive experience of serving businesses within the hospitality sector and, in addition to our range of quality baked goods, can also provide support on developing menus and seeing a real ROI.

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Recipes for the Hospitality Sector

Recipes for the Hospitality Sector

Serve dishes that your customers rave about and give them another reason to visit time and time again! Using our delicious range of baked goods, we have developed a whole range of delicious and delectable recipes that cater to all tastes, cuisines, audience, and budgets. View our full range of hospitality recipes or take a look at some of our favourites below.

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