Creating Affordable Meal Options

10th August 2023

Meeting the Consumer Demand for Lower Ticket Solutions

Amidst the ongoing cost-of-living concerns throughout 2023, both consumers and businesses are seeking affordable meals that meet the demand for lower ticket solutions. Wholesalers, bar and restaurant owners have felt the impact, grappling with increased stock and running costs coupled with a decline in demand, putting a strain on profits. The consumer feedback is in and according to current studies, people need to be assured they’re receiving affordable, yet quality food to justify the cost of eating out.

At Kara Foodservice, we believe that offering budget-friendly meals doesn’t have to compromise on taste or quality. Our range of products provides the perfect solutions to creating moreish recipes without breaking the bank for consumers. We’ve put together some affordable meal option ideas to help you provide cost-effective yet delectable meals on your menu that will have customers coming back for more.

Sumptuous Soups

For restaurant operators and chefs, soups are undeniably a winning proposition. They offer a versatile canvas to showcase the latest global inspirations and health trends while also bringing smiles to price-savvy customers by utilising cost-effective ingredients. Bursting with flavour and character, our French Onion Soup with Cheese Crostini is a year-round winner that can also be readily shaped to fit dietary requirements by swapping the bread for our Genius Gluten Free Bread. As the Summer draws to a close and the cosier months set in, soup should be a staple of any menu to entice customers with an affordable, varied and delicious meal option. When it comes to satisfying both culinary creativity and budget-consciousness, a hearty bowl of soup truly hits the spot.

Easy Pumpkin Soup | Wholesale Food Online | Kara Foodservice

Delectable Dips

Everyone loves a layered dip. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can pass up the hearty, tasty goodness of a creamy dip. Not only a terrific value for money option, dips can save money in the kitchen by utilising excess ingredients to bolden flavours. Our Roasted Curry Cauliflower Dip dishes up a whirlwind of flavour whilst also staying healthy and vegan to appeal to a larger audience. Often served casually with tortilla chips or crackers, upping the ante with a Petit Crunchy Baguette or an Artisan Sourdough Loaf elevates the dish further and offers a more filling meal choice. Dips also offer a seasonal appeal to your menu, a Courgette Tahini Dip works perfectly for warmer months by offering a tasty and refreshing choice. Hugely versatile, many restaurants are now utilising dips as bases for pizzas, toppings for nachos or a savoury covering for Doughballs.

Pizza Power

Pizza. We all know and love it. It’s an everyday menu favourite across the UK and this fact was proven in 2022 as it ranked top of the most ordered takeaway dishes*. Thin base, thicker doughy bases, toppings, sauces, styles – the versatility pizza affords is endless. Consumers gravitate towards it, not just because of its affordable price (and delicious flavours), but because they can usually customise it to be just right for them. The simplicity of pizza allows for a lot of creativity in the kitchen, utilising excess ingredients to further lower the price for customers, whilst creating unique and seasonal offers. Creations like our Japanese Okonomiyaki-style Pizza or Polish Pizza adds intrigue to any menu and plays on the creativity of a classic dish. Choose from our range of wholesale doughballs, which great quick and easy pizza bases, to kick your pizza game up a gear and appeal to a broad range of pizza lovers.

Our extensive range of wholesale baked goods are here for you to create a diverse range of affordable meals that suit the current climate – whilst keeping your menu fresh and exciting. View our range of products today, find your nearest Kara stockist, or get inspired with more of our recipes that offer cost-effective yet crowd-pleasing plates.


*Foodhub Research, UK July 2022

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