Fancy Toast: Upgrade Your Breakfast Game

21st October 2022

There’s nothing better in the morning than some slices of toast with a generous spreading of butter, but what if you could upgrade this breakfast classic? More and more restaurants are choosing to serve ‘fancy’ toast, also known gourmet toast, as meal appetizers.

Ideal for not only breakfast, but lunches, afternoon snacks, and desserts; the options for fancy toasts are endless across all menus. You can go all out and let your creative flair run wild or stick to something simple for your menus. Here are some of our favourite options for fancy toast:

Parmesan-Crusted Egg-in-a-Hole

If you’re looking to spice up your breakfast toast in the mornings, look no further than a combination of the nutty flavour of parmesan cheese, butter, an egg, and even some chives (if you’re feeling extra fancy!!). Created by making a hole in the middle of a piece of bread and placing the slice over some hot, melted cheese in a non-stick pan. Once you are happy with amount the crispiness, flip everything over, add an egg into the hole and then you’re golden!

Cashew cream cheese and avocado

We can’t ignore the vegan options available for fancy toast, with some amazing toppings to choose from – you can add any of your favourite vegan nibbles to upgrade your toast. Grab your preferred vegan cream cheese (we recommend one made from cashews) and pair with some sliced avocado and garnish with some dill for a simple lunchtime snack. All of Kara’s sliced breads and bloomers are now suitable for vegans, making them the perfect toast partner.

Whipped ricotta

To round it off, let’s talk about dessert toast. A versatile ingredient, ricotta is ideal for desserts as it can be sweetened and whipped to perfection. Top your toast with some whipped ricotta with some fresh berries, mint, and a drizzle of honey to create a flawless and wonderfully tasty dessert toast!

Advice for pubs this year is to engage in community activities to boost football. Pubs can host gathering with local clubs and try a ‘Toast Bar’ as a cost effective and engaging activity. Essentially a fancy toast buffet station, lay out some slices of bread, a toaster, and a variety of toppings for people to get creative. This can not only introduce communities to the fancy toast trend, but it will also add something new and fun to your social gatherings. Hotels can also get involved in a bid to pimp up their breakfast menus.

For toast that’s delicious for any time of day, our Fletchers Sliced Bread is the perfect carrier for your filling or topping and is available in a range of varieties:

Take a look at our range today and let your creativity run free and use our postcode tracker to find your nearest stockist! Looking for more inspiration? View our recipes.

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