2023 Sandwich Trends with Kara Deli Rolls

16th January 2023

With the total eating out market set to reach a total of £95.9bn by the end of 2023, Kara Foodservice have been looking at the main drivers of this growth.

Most growth is being driven by quick service restaurants, coffee shops and sandwich retailers. In response to this growth, we’ve relaunched our much-loved deli rolls to help operators expand their food ‘to-go’ menu formats.

The deli rolls have been revamped, available in white and wholemeal variant and both topped with semolina. With new investment into our Sheffield production line, the delis are also sliced, allowing for added speed and convenience in the kitchen; chefs simply need to thaw and serve!

2023 is the year for the next generation of sandwich. With the cost of living rising, many consumers are hesitant to part with any extra pennies they have when it comes to eating out. If they choose to, they want to make sure they are getting the most for their money. 2023 will see the rise of deep filled sandwiches, the bigger the filling, the better.

Get ready to load up your bread carriers. Here are some sandwich trends we’re expecting to see this year…

Gone Fishing

Wholemeal Deli Roll | Kara Foodservice | Wholesale BakeryWith 66% of consumers stating that they are becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscious when eating out, we’re seeing the growing trend of ‘sustainable diets’, which is also increasing the demand for vegan seafood. We’re seeing many operators expand their vegan offering through the use of vegan fish. This includes vegan “salmon with cream cheese” or vegan chilli “squid” – get your sandwich menus ahead of the game.

Keep it Korean

44% of consumers are health conscious and as a result fermentation is growing*. Kimchi is made from salted, fermented vegetables, and is the viral ingredient which is paving the way in 2023. At Kara, we’re seeing this ingredient being used more frequently in toasted sandwiches – kimchi cheese toasty anyone?  Korean flavours are all over food and drink at the moment, and sandwiches are no different with gochujang and Korean pork sandwiches making their way onto sandwich menus.

Wholemeal Deli Roll | Kara Foodservice | Wholesale Bakery

Clucking Classic

With consumer confidence at an all-time low, many consumers are turning to retro flavour profiles when eating out. From Jam Roly Poly for dessert to classic chicken sandwiches. Classic roast or poached chicken is an integral part of the 2023 sandwich revolution; however, classics are getting new modern twists! We’re seeing chicken paired with chicken fat mayonnaise, crumbled chicken skin or chicken fat croutons for an added crunch. Herbs are also a key flavour with basil pesto, thyme and parsley all freshening up menus.

Veg Centre

The biggest veggie trend this year will be the adoption of complete vegetables in sandwiches rather than mock meats. Vegetables are being roasted, deep fried or chargrilled to enhance flavours. Deep filled veggie sandwiches are also a great way for chefs to use up left over veg in the kitchen. Veggies we’re seeing in sarnies this year include fried courgettes, roasted parsnips and pickled red cabbage – great for vibrant Instagram pictures!

White Deli Roll | Kara Foodservice | Wholesale Bakery

With our product range, the possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting the perfect sandwich. Check out our wholesale bakery product range or get inspired with our recipes.

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