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To help us to identify the latest product and eating out trends, we invest in research and insight which we like to share with customers. This helps us to channel new ideas for products as well as implications on the wider out of home market. We break these trends down to create The Krumb. Your mini pocket guide exploring growing trends and channels in the foodservice industry.

August 2020

Dark Kitchens

With many restaurants now set up for takeaway options, many are turning to Dark/Virtual kitchens to meet demand. Discover our guide on how to manage a Dark Kitchen here.

April 2020

Delivery 2.0 - COVID19 Edition

With Coronavirus affecting the foodservice industry many establishments are turning to takeaway options to keep their businesses afloat. See our guide on how to serve your takeaway options safely and within guidelines.

January 2020

Delivery Vol. 1

With delivery now the fastest growing channel affecting the food industry. Discover pros and cons of delivery options and the top trending cuisines.


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