The Crunch: BBQ Food Trends

2nd August 2022

The weather is heating up, operators are taking their menus al fresco and putting their lockdown investments of outdoor space to good use. At its height in the lockdown period, BBQs and outdoor cooking are expected to become just as popular, as well as more adventurous. Here are some BBQ trends that we are expecting to see this summer…

Bold Flavours

In 2022, it’s all about Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese flavours. From marinating to glazing, you can use any of these incredible flavours to spice up this season’s BBQ trends. Korean flavours combine garlic, ginger, and chilli together for a flavour explosion. For Japanese inspiration, look out for miso, matcha, and wasabi. Vietnamese cuisine is all about embodying the fresh flavours of basil, mint, lemongrass, and coriander.

These bold flavours can be used with a variety of cuts, but the most ideal in our opinion is a classic chicken breast, a tender beef brisket, or a pork loin. Leaner pieces of meat will be boosted by these fresh East Asian flavours.

Check out our recipe pages for menu inspiration.


The main thing associated with barbeques is meat, but with plant-based and veggie options constantly on the rise, you can’t rule out the use of non-meat products! This might just be a grilled vegetable kebab with some tasty seasonings, or you can go for the full shebang with meat substitute burgers, hot dogs, ribs (whatever you fancy!) to create the ultimate veggie barbeque.

But you don’t have to stop there, you can bring the veggie options to your sides, salads, nibbles, dips, sauces, and (if you have room) the desserts!

Our doughballs provide for a great sharer dish to accompany out door menus or bake our baguettes for warm crusty breads to accompany dips.

Smoking Hot

Elevate your barbeques by adding a smoker outside, giving way for a whole range of smoked food. Designed for bigger cuts of meat, smokers act like slow cookers, with the woodsmoke curling around the meat to cook it to perfection!

Excellent for briskets, whole salmons, or chicken wings, there are so many ways to make the most out of a smoker. As said before, this doesn’t stop at meat. Don’t be afraid to try smoking your favourite vegetables or fruit, from tomatoes and potatoes to pineapples and oranges – the possibilities are endless! Combining the flavour of your main ingredient, the wood, and the smoke will add a flavour like nothing you’ve tasted before, also adding a great new experience of cooking! We recommend serving smoked meats on our famous floured baps, soft rolls with flour dusting.


We all know it’s easy to make too much food when we are having people round, and there’s the question of what to do with what’s left? There are so many options for leftover meals, from salads to sandwiches, you don’t have to waste anything from your barbeque! Striving to have less waste is not just about finishing up the food though, your choice of meat can also help to reduce food waste, and maybe even find a new favourite piece of meat to have!

For some tasty inspiration, check out our recipes here.



*Information on trends provided by the food people, 2022.

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