Summer Menu & Social Trends

21st February 2024

The Krumb is here!

This quarter’s addition is the big one; we discuss all menu and social trends shaping summer menus for 2024.

Global flavours are becoming increasingly popular and are adding a sense of excitement to our everyday eating routines. World cuisine flavours provide customers with a chance to experience elevated taste sensations at home. People are now more adventurous with their food choices when dining out and are seeking out dishes that showcase authentic flavours, like Caribbean and Eastern European.

Gut health and healthy eating retain their popularity, with key ingredients like Kiefer and local honey being introduced more creatively on menus of all kinds. The rise of CBT also continues to play an instrumental role in drink launches throughout the year, adding some intriguing nutritional benefits for consumers.

Cocktails are seeing more fruity flavours come to the fore, but they aren’t the only things getting a fruity infusion. Ingredients such as rose and orange blossom are cropping up more regularly across bakeries and coffee shop menus.

With the rise of AI and short-form media shaping the digital space, the Krumb explores how operators and chefs can keep ahead of the curve and utilise these tech must-haves. TikTok, YouTube Shorts and Instagram are the new channels to entice younger demographics this year. AI is creating quite a stir in the media, but we’re here to discuss the ways it can be utilised in the kitchen to get the most out of your menus.

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