A Summer of Sport

29th May 2024

Summer of 2024 is looking to be the season of sport, with key sporting events such as UEFA Euro, the summer Olympics and the great British classic of Wimbledon fast approaching Kara is here to help operators make the most of their menus during this time.

Offer event-themed takeaway and home delivery options

During these sporting events consumers will likely shift spend presenting opportunities for operators to benefit from tailoring their offerings to the increased attention on sports events. With 34% of consumers planning to watch the events from home, foodservice brands can promote special delivery/takeaway options catering to fans who gather at home.

Brand can introduce themed delivery meals such as ‘munch boxes’ to cater to specific menus depending on which matches. Moreover, offering shareable sides or snack platters in addition to main dishes can make each event more sociable an provide extra upselling changes for foodservice brands.

Be Agile and Adapt To Performance

In the Euros, every teams performance is crucial to creating excitement about the event, the further teams go in the tournament contributes to more supporters becoming involved following the national team.

During the Euros brands need to be agile and adapt their messaging based on the unfolding events by celebrating standout moments or empathising disappointments. Key takeaways can be adapting their social pages and offering pint and burger deals ahead of match days or even changing burger menus names to highlight key sporting stars such as  the ‘Ronaldo’ or ‘Grealish’ burger to help better resonate with consumers.

Elevate Social Aspects

The social aspect of sports events is key, presenting opportunities for organisations and brands to elevate excitement with social experiences.

Cities such as Manchester and London aim to position themselves with social fan zones and public viewing, likely positively influencing the cities’ images.

Brands can boost social experiences, keeping excitement high regardless of team’s performance. Operators can set up interactive fan zones in their bars or restaurants with sport-themed games like goal-shooting contests, while non-retailers can run social media challenges. Sponsors can be inspired by Red Bull’s branded entertainment, captivating audiences with unique sports events beyond traditional sports. This strategy can be elevated by inner city areas by hosting entertaining events (eg freestyle football) in fan zones around stadiums.


Brands can use sport to bolster ways to entice consumers onto their apps. Young male consumers prove to be the most engaged in watching major sporting events, with 37% of males under 35s liking to try new emerging technologies operators can leverage this to make for more enticing content to aid in upselling to an audience eager for new ways to enjoy sport.

We recommend push notifications to customers before a team game to inform them on the latest deals and promotions your establishment is offering. Vendors could even invest in their apps before sports season by allowing for customers to book tables in advance and even order drinks to tables to stop an over crowded bar area.


*Data collected by Mintel, 2024 How can brands benefit from major sports events in 2024?

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