5 Benefits Of Wheat

17th March 2023

Whether it’s your doctor, an advert on the telly, Everyone is raving about wheat. However, we can assure you they aren’t promoting it for the sake of it. There are plenty of advantages to making wheat a key food group in your diet, in terms of health and taste. At Kara, we love wheat. All our products are full of the stuff. So let us take you through the benefits of wheat, and why you should pay more attention to it.

High in Fibre

The high fibre content of wheat puts it high up on any ‘healthy foods’ list. Fibre is one of those dietary staples we all need to think about. It can help control blood sugar levels, helps us to maintain a healthy weight and helps to keep our ‘bowel health’ in check – and that’s just the beginning. Some studies have reported high-fibre diets can help us live longer, increasing your heart health too. That’s not something you’d associate with munching on a burger. With our burger buns, however, it might start to cross your mind!

Keeps Your Metabolism Intact

Wheat and other foods full of fibre help you boost your digestive process. However, you have to be mindful of the type of wheat you’re eating in order to get the benefits in return. Refined wheat can cause weight gain and an intolerance to insulin – what you need are whole wheat products.

By upping your intake of whole wheat foods, you’ll also be sending your chances of developing metabolic disorders the other way. The grain fights against health problems like high blood pressure and low levels of HDL cholesterol, which helps consumers lower their BMI. According to a recent study, around 3 servings of whole grain foods per day should be enough to counteract these risks and help you lead a healthier life.

Make Your Day A Little Brighter

The health benefits of wheat aren’t limited to how you’ll feel physically, what goes on in your head is just as important. Wheat has properties like iron and folate, as well as vitamins B and E, which can raise serotonin and energy levels when consumed.

However, this boost isn’t just for the short term. Wheat can prevent the development of any mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, while also working to counteract current conditions. A healthier lifestyle starts with the mind, and higher volume of consumption may well send you on your way to do just that.

A Great Source Of Minerals

Next time you’re sat eating your lunch, wanting to make your meals a little healthier, just remember that you’re already getting a good chunk of your daily minerals, just from a simple sandwich. Minerals are great for building healthy bones and strong teeth, and wheat is filled to the brim with them.

Minerals can help you release energy from your food as well, keeping you razor-sharp and laser focused. As if the odds weren’t already in wheat’s favour, you’ll be able to get most of your minerals in just one wheat serving – up to 70% of your recommended daily intake comes from some servings of whole grain flour. You can make the switch for your customers to whole grain with Fletchers’ Traditional Sliced Bread.

Anti-Cancer Properties

If there’s a benefit that’s worth mentioning for any product, it’s this one. Wheat has been proven to reduce the risk of people developing cancer – especially in women, where it has been found that those who consumed wheat had reduced the risk of breast cancer by over 40%. Wheat has properties which prevent cancer cells from growing, putting you in the best position to evade one of the world’s deadliest conditions.

If we’ve persuaded you to up your wheat intake, then you just so happen to be in the perfect place. At Kara, we have a plethora of products for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at our range of wholemeal bakery products on our website.

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