Sticky Sausage Sarnie

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Get your customers days off to the right start with Kara's sticky sausage sandwiches.

  • 25 mins
  • 4

For the onions, heat the butter and oil in a frying pan over a low heat. Fry the onions for 20 until soft. Stir inĀ the ale and sugar, then cook for anotherĀ 30 minutes until it all has evaporated. The onions should turn a beautiful golden colour and become caramelised.

Fry the sausages in a large frying pan until cooked through. Mix the honey and soy sauce together and drizzle the mixture over the sausages, tossing until they all become coated.

Once toasted, take the base of Kara Sliced English Muffin and spread with butter. Pile the sauces onto the muffin and add onions before drizzling with mustard (or sauce of your choosing)

Place the lid of the English Muffin on top and serve!

*Delicious recipe inspired by Olive Magazine

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