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At Kara it's important that we stay ahead of the curve in terms of menus, current trends and future predictions.

Chef Inspo

As well as producing a whole range of sweet and savoury bakes, Kara is at the forefront of the latest trends to offer inspiration for menu planning. We constantly monitor food trends and subscribe to a whole raft of data to help chefs design innovative menus and interesting product offers.

Our recipe page showcases just how diverse the Kara bakery range is. Did you know that you can serve a brioche at every day-part from day to night?!

We have taken our entire range and created ideas to use for breakfast and brunch menus, lunchtime offers, concepts for dinner and even seasonal options too.

When developing new products we are always mindful of how appropriate it is for foodservice operators. For example, with the growing popularity in the delivery market, we now transit test all new products to ensure they are robust enough to hold up for wide-spread usage in this channel.


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