The Mighty Meat-eor Sandwich

With consumers looking for more fillings in their sandwiches to justify pricing, this mouth watering meat sandwich will be a huge hit in sandwich shops or delis.

5 Mins



2 Kara White Deli Rolls

150g Mozzarella Cheese

10 slices Salami

10 slices Turkey

10 slices Pepperoni

10 Slices Roast Honey Ham

100g Cream Cheese

½ Bag Spinach

1 Beef Tomato, Sliced

10g Mustard


Take your Kara deli roll and to the base and lid add 75g of mozzarella to each and toast for 1 minute.

Once toasted add to each deli five slices of salami, turkey, pepperoni and ham to the base of the deli.

Add the chopped spinach and some slices of tomato.

In a bowl mix the cream cheese with the mustard and begin to place on top of the ingredients.

Add the deli lid, and being to roll tight in lined sandwich wrap.

Slice in the centre and serve.

This recipe uses

White Deli Roll


White Deli Roll

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