Cheesy Stuffing Balls

Cheese stuffing balls are good to make after the big day to serve as appetizers or side dishes.

10 Mins



8 Slices Fletchers White Bread

5g Chopped Parsley

200g Blue cheese

200g Sprouts

1 Onions

50g Butter

10g Garlic

50g Flour

2 Eggs

5g Pepper

5g Salt


Take Fletchers white bread and place in a blender, whizz until they become crumbs.

Next, slice the onions, garlic and sprouts. Take a wide pan and begin to melt the butter before pouring in the onions, garlic and sprouts. Fry until soft.

Mix half of the breadcrumbs, chopped parsley, crumbled blue cheese and season to taste. Begin to mould into bite size balls and leave to one side.

Take three bowls. In one whisk the eggs until smooth, in another place flour and in the remaining bowl, place the remaining breadcrumbs.

Roll the stuffing balls in the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs.

Repeat the process until the balls are fully covered.

Deep fry in hot oil (180C-200C) until golden brown.

Serve with cranberry sauce… enjoy

This recipe uses

Fletchers Traditional Thick Sliced White Loaf


Fletchers Traditional Thick Sliced White Loaf

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