From large wholesalers to smaller independent distributors, whether you're in the UK or Europe, here at Kara we can help you offer the right products to your customers. Maybe you need to design your ideal on-trend range for a coffee shop or a healthy portfolio for schools, colleges and universities? Whatever your need, our dedicated Sales team will work with your business to ensure you have the right range to succeed.

Nykki Bezer

“We have been working with Kara for many years as a key supplier to our bakery category. They strike just the right balance between being flexible and easy to deal with, whilst having all the key strengths and attributes needed to support a national distributor. They have a very collaborative approach and our Key account manager demonstrates great professionalism and dedication to looking after our account. I would not hesitate to recommend working with them.”

Dean Langmead

“Kara’s consultative account management, NPD across breads and cakes as well as their willingness to assist us grow our customer accounts makes them a reliable and trusted partner.”

Andy Breffit

“We continue to grow with Kara because of the brand’s commitment to constant innovation, goodaccount management and market-leading bakery products.”

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