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Make Gluten-Free Folks & Their Friends Happy – The Genius Way

Genius gluten-free and Kara foodservice have teamed up to simplify storing specialist ingredients. Now consumers can always rely on you to be stocked up with tasty gluten-free options. What makes people choose one place for lunch over another? Quality? Value? Location? Atmosphere? One reason could be health. And we don’t just mean looking for diet options.

 Coeliac UK have estimated that 1 in 100 people have been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Not only that, but there are 500,000 people still out there undiagnosed. This proves that the demand for gluten-free is not just a current trend – it’s a necessary and permanent lifestyle change. But although this diagnosis is becoming more common, coeliacs are still an overlooked group.

 Missing out on millions

There’s an untapped business opportunity here too. Coeliac UK has estimated that the catering industry is missing out on £100 million worth of gluten-free business a year.

 Specialist ingredients bring specialist challenges

 Specialist ingredients can create issues when it comes to managing stock, waste and storage.  Even more important – you want to be sure they taste good! Well, Genius solved that last problem. They’ve mastered the recipes for high-quality gluten-free baked products, and they taste just as good as the traditional options. In fact, their products have been big sellers in the nation’s supermarkets. But what about those other issues? Well, Kara foodservice has that covered.

 Genius and Kara have teamed up

As soon as the products leave the Genius site, Kara puts them through their frozen distribution process, which keeps the freshness locked in. This means that when Genius loaves, buns, pancakes, crumpets or even pittas come to you, they’re easy to store, have a longer shelf-life and are convenient to serve each day. You’re limiting food waste and saving unnecessary costs. They work in as many ways as possible to help caterers adapt their kitchens into gluten-free environments. One way is through their products – like their individually wrapped cafe rolls which prevent cross-contamination. Here is another way…

A rare chance to be trained by Coeliac UK…for free

Genius and Kara have also partnered with Coeliac UK to develop a bespoke online Gluten-Free Kitchen Training Course. This interactive module only takes an hour and a half to complete, which means even the most time-short of caterers can benefit. If you put in 15 minutes each day it’s completed in less than a week. And once completed, you’ll receive a certificate which you can proudly display to your customers!

It means your customers will feel reassured and confident enough to keep coming to you for gluten-free cooking. It is probably why some already certified caterers are seeing increases of 10-12% in gluten-free food sales. This partnership is serious about helping caterers provide gluten-free cooking. So, we’re giving away twenty of these valuable Gluten-Free Training Courses, every month. For free.

But you’ve got to be quick if you want to win. In fact, let’s stop talking and let you register now. Click here  to find out more. And while you’re there take a look at the new Genius range

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