Top Tips (part 2)

Kara’s tips on a post-lockdown opening …

As lock down continues to ease and it’s reported that the hospitality sector is set to re-open on July 4th, Kara, who exclusively supply wholesale bakery to foodservice operators share ideas and information exclusively to caterers and foodservice establishments to help them operate in the ‘new normal’.

Along with The Food People, Kara have put together the top 10 areas that operators should focus on in order to take the next steps to re-opening in this new trading environment.  Here, Kara share the final five steps establishments need to take.

  1. Home Comforts

When lockdown was first announced on 23rd March many businesses turned to providing food to customers in creative ways, leading to a new ‘at home business model’ being used.

Ways to adapt your business model

  • Dark kitchens preparing delivery only- Click here for our complete guide to Dark Kitchens
  • Provide Dinner kits- prepared for customers to finish at home themselves
  • Invest in Branded packaging and serve ware to go alongside deliveries
  • Discounting for collection and curb side pickup
  1. Diversify

During the crisis foodservice businesses have had to adapt to survive by changing menus and food formats so they can deliver to the consumer.

Recommendations to successfully diversify

  • Invest in the ability to be able to deliver- delivery is now the new normal- Click here for our complete guide to Delivery 
  • Change the formats of ambient foods so they can be posted
  • Sell your signature sauces or condiments
  • Shift your food menus to offer meals more conductive for delivery and socially distance consumption, ie, pizza, burgers and friend chicken
  1. Experience

Foodservice and eating out is built upon the experience you provide to your customers. As new regulations come into place it is important for businesses to still create a great atmosphere to give customers the experience they have been craving.

How to do this

  • Provide music to set the right atmosphere
  • Add plants and greenery in house to enhance the dining experience
  • New entertaining ways to order foods, through apps and QR codes
  • Hotels- invest in new fun room service menus and fun mobile hotel bars to encourage dining
  1. The Great Outdoors

Alfresco is now becoming the new normal. With the summer months coming and the risks said to be lower outside, operators should utilise their outside space more.


  • Invest in an outside bars and beer gardens, rooftops and balconys
  • Igloo dining and summer greenhouses for extra atmosphere and evening dining events
  • Drive in dining (eat from your car)
  • Extend your Wi-Fi so that all areas are covered; inside and outside
  1. Automate

Automation is soon to take over the foodservice industry, as it provides safe no-touching ways of delivering hot and cold food on premises.

Ways automation can transform foodservice

  • Robotic vending machines
  • Robotic bar staff, waiters and baristas
  • Automated cooks and chefs
  • 24 hour automated cleaning systems
  • Conveyor belt style delivery systems


Information correct as at 29nd June 2020. This is an ever-changing world with government legislation changing almost daily. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

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