Sizzle Up Your Burgers

In 2017 burgers were the number one meal served at dinner time, and are set to remain one of the nations favourite dishes in 2018.* Customers continue to seek  unique offers that differ from the  traditional cheese burger. As consumers seek out more creative menu listings chefs are now dressing burgers with adventurous flavour profiles, adding spicy salsas and pouring gooey cheeses but still accommodating to all dietary requirements. Over summer 2018 loaded burgers are set to continue to excite the taste buds; and vendors need to invest in premium quality ingredients including the burger bun to accompany these top dishes.

For a burger to get top marks the foundations need to be right, and the carrier is the most important element of any burger foundation. Kara, the foodservice brand of The Finsbury Group, offer a full variety of Burger buns, including The Gourmet Range which offers a mixture of brioche and soft, sweet buttery flavours with glazed tops, allowing them to hold up against any succulent juices that may run once a loaded burger has been bitten into, making them a diverse bun capable of adopting to any style of burger whether it’s a piled high traditional British Bacon Blue to an in vogue Tex Mex burger. Kara Gourmet Range comes in 4 and 5 inch in both sliced and unsliced formats, allowing for convenience and versatility.

Vegan dishes increased on menus by 107%* last year, and in 2018 we don’t see the growth of vegan burgers slowing. As vegan dishes are becoming more mainstream, people’s perceptions of vegan food is rapidly changing, and burgers are no exception to this foodie trend.*1 Consumers are seeking plant based burgers with mouth-watering toppings, and with these juicy burgers there can be no exception with the bun. Kara’s burger buns cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements, including both vegan and vegetarian, and, still offering the same quality, whilst also being free from artificial preservatives; vendors can keep ahead of the vegan revolution this year with Kara.

All Kara burger carriers are frozen straight from the oven, locking in the freshness from the moment they are baked, and the Gourmet range is no exception. Kara offers vendors consistency in size, quality and taste ensuring a great burger experience to customers every time. With burger sales set to soar again this year, Kara has a full array of buns in its portfolio to meet demand and burger expectations.

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*Data collected from MCA Allegra, 2017

*1 Data collected from the Food People, 2018

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