New Sugar Reduction Muffins

31 July 2018

Kara launches redeveloped Tulip Muffin range in response to sugar guidelines

Kara, the foodservice specialists of the Finsbury Food Group, has responded to the recent Public Health England (PHE) sugar guidelines by redeveloping its range of Tulip Muffins. Two products now contain 20% less sugar, surpassing the 2018 PHE target of a 5% reduction, and now meet the 2020 guidelines.

The launch comes at a crucial time, as PHE recently revealed that the food industry has fallen below the 5% target set; with results showing an overall sugar reduction of just 2%. With pressure now mounting on foodservice manufacturers, Kara is proud to be at the forefront of the movement with its redeveloped range.

Kara’s redevelopment process involved benchmarking their products against others in the market and collating panel feedback. From this, changes such as adding more blueberries to the Blueberry muffin, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product, were made. From there, the reimagined range was presented to an internal panel for approval and then delivered to market.

In addition to the redeveloped recipes within the existing range, including Triple Chocolate, Blueberry, and Lemon and White Chocolate, Kara will also be releasing a new flavour to add to the range later this year.

Danielle Meehan, Foodservice New Product Development Manager at Kara, commented: “The launch of the new and improved muffins allows Kara to stay ahead of these important PHE guidelines and ensures we’re meeting the government standards. While consumers still look for great tasting, indulgent snacks, we know that many of them are now more consciously monitoring their sugar intake. This means reducing the sugar content in this range was essential. For us, it is also important that we never compromise on the flavour or quality of our products, which is why we’ve worked to maintain the same excellent standards within the redeveloped recipes.”

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