Key Foodservice Trends

Key foodservice trends that are impacting the baked goods market

All insight should be by-lined to Jane Olney, Commercial Director at Kara

The bakery sector is currently growing in its capabilities and offerings. As techniques advance and consumer desires change we’ve seen trends such as veganism, healthy eating, free-from and flexi-eating shape the way the market works and the kinds of products on offer.

One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed continue in growth is the need for convenient foods that can be eaten on-the-go. Consumers are increasingly adapting their meals to suit busy lifestyles; with less time to spare to sit down for a meal, we are seeing more and more people opting to eat lunch whilst they work at their desks, picking up a grab-and-go baked good as a breakfast supplement, and even sometimes grazing throughout the day in place of set mealtimes altogether.

The baked goods market benefits well from this, particularly at breakfast time due to the versatile nature of the products we create. Of all baked goods, muffins ranked amongst the top choices at breakfast time, most likely due to their versatility and convenient size for on-the-go consumption. We also found that over a quarter of diners who chose muffins at breakfast did so due to the speed of service.

Alongside the need for smaller, bite-sized baked goods, there is an increasing pressure on major chains to adapt their food to meet the consumers’ evolving health needs. It’s time for operators to look at redefining their sweet treats to fit the on-the-go breakfast bakery market, taking the health awareness trend into consideration to increase capital.

One of the recent ways in which we’ve worked to meet the demand for a healthy, on-the-go breakfast option is through our partnership with Weetabix to bring new breakfast muffins to the foodservice sector. The muffins come in two flavours, Apricot & Oat and Apple & Raisin with each one being low in saturated fat and a source of fibre giving consumers a nutritious on-the-go option for the first meal of the day. For added convenience to retailers, two pack formats are available: in a case of 4 x 6 which can be included as part of a display and also individually wrapped for maximum on-the-go ease. A Blueberry variant is also available as an individually wrapped option.

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