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New Sourdough Doughball


Kara, the innovative foodservice brand of The Finsbury Group, has expanded their multi-purpose Doughball range with the launch of a new Sourdough Doughball.  A great product which can be used to create rustic style Pizza bases, Garlic Breads, flavoursome Focaccia breads and many more.

Sourdough is a major food trend this year, with customers continuously looking for newness and customised food. Kara’s Doughball’s can be used to adapt to a variety of dishes, the most popular being Pizza, which is expected to grow 15%* in the next 3-5 years.  The Doughballs once rolled and baked offer a light airy inside with a crispy outside; served topped with a rich seasoned tomato sauce and multitude of indulgent topping, vendors can now easily offer customers a truly authentic experience. Kara has created a series ofhow to Doughball’ videos to coincide with the launch on their new fully responsive website, to support vendors by showcasing effortless recipe ideas to inspire menus and further demonstrate the versatility of the Doughballs.

Jane Deegan, Marketing Manager said ‘The new Sourdough Doughball is a great extension to our well established range of doughballs. The Sourdough will allow vendors to offer a premium twist on classic dish, which can reinvigorate menus and coming as a frozen ball rather than a ready rolled base allows for minimum storage. With Sourdough continuously growing in popularity, and with the Doughballs distinct flavour profile and enhanced aromas, customers can now be taken on a new sensory experience. We at Kara are excited and pleased to add the new Doughball to our already popular range.’

To see the full range of Kara Doughballs or for more information on Kara contact us to speak to a member of the customer care team

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*MCA Market Report- Top of Mind Report 2017




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