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Kara Expands its Speciality Bread Range with New Sandwich Thins

Kara has expanded its speciality bread range with the launch of Sandwich Thins.

Kara, the foodservice brand of the Finsbury Food Group; supplying frozen sweet and savoury bakery products to the food service industry, is set to bring diversity to their already well established bread range with the introduction of sandwich thins into the foodservice arena.

The launch comes in response to market research that continues to show a demand for vendors to offer reduced calorie menu items. At 145 calories, the new Kara sandwich thins allow for a low calorie option without a reduction of quality or taste. The Thins are available in white or wholemeal, and come pre-sliced. Kara has developed both flavour varieties in two lengths, 15cm and 30cm to cater to a large proportion of menus, allowing for a variety of serving options.

Jane Deegan, Kara Marketing Manager said, “the launch of the sandwich thins comes at a great time for Kara and demonstrates the focus Kara has on providing vendors with a variety of on trend bakery products. The Thins will enable outlets and Out Of Home vendors to meet ever changing consumer demands, and enable their menus to be adaptable and on trend.”

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