What's on menus? What's going to be on menus? What are the unique concepts shaping the eating out of home market?

New for 2020

Kara helps customers to identify what they need to stock to help with their menu planning. We also know what’s hot and what’s not in the out of home food and drink market.

Vegan on the Menu

There are no signs of the explosion of vegan slowing down and this is being driven by the younger generations. Data suggests that by 2025, a quarter of British people will be vegan or vegetarian and half will be flexitarian. A recent survey of 1500 British pupils found that as many as 10% of kids (8-16 years) identify as vegetarian and vegan. And 44% are making more conscious efforts to reduce their dairy and meat intake. Use Kara’s Vegan Brioche on menus.

The Rise in Breakfast

Consistently in growth over recent years, the lines between breakfast and lunch are blurring. Healthy eating remains important so why not use Kara’s English Muffins with smashed avocado, poached egg and pumpkin seeds.

Healthy Eating on the Agenda

35% of people say that their eating habits are healthier than previous 12 months.

Lower calorie options on menus have risen by 58%.

Over ¾ of consumers expect to eat healthier when eating out so entice them with some great options! How about Kara’s sourdough pizza doughball topped with veggies or our great high fibre bun for lunchtime snacks?

Cuisine Trends

Our recipes page is crammed with ideas of how to best use our product range. We’ve taken inspiration from cuisine hot-spots like Vietnam, Thailand, the Middle East and Contemporary India.

Pizza in Pubs

There’s more of this concept popping up -trendy high quality pizzas paired with craft beer pubs. Often it’s a simple menu, done well and it’s unlikely to be too niche to alienate customers. Kara’s doughballs work really well in this arena.

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