Burgers Reign Supreme At Dinner

28 August 2018

Kara reveals beef burgers reign supreme at dinner

Kara, the foodservice specialist of the Finsbury Food Group, has revealed the beef burger has retained its crown as the most popular out of home dinner for the second year in a row. It is closely followed by curry then pizza, which overtook traditional fish and chips this year, indicating a growing demand for out of home dinners containing baked items.

Research by MCA, detailed in the UK Eating Out Market Report, shows that in 2017 beef burgers made up 9.7% of out of home evening meals, rising to 10.8% in 2018; equating to one in ten out of home dinners being burger based. In second place curry takes 7.6% of the share, while pizza is hot on its heels with 7.3%.

With the bank holiday just days away, historic insight suggests that Brits are likely to indulge in out of home dining over the last long weekend of the year before Christmas[i]. Kara is encouraging dining outlets to make the most of the trend for burgers and pizzas, and satisfy the demand for baked items within their menus, in order to capitalise on this increased footfall.

Jane Deegan, Kara Marketing Manager, commented: “The results show that the market for out of home dinners containing baked items has grown year on year, and we predict it will continue to do so. As the summer draws to a close, it is important that outlets end the season successfully by ensuring that the most popular dishes, especially burgers and pizzas, are offered with the right bakery elements to keep customers excited about their menus, such as premium burger buns and sourdough pizza bases.”

[i] https://www.bighospitality.co.uk/Article/2014/08/19/Restaurants-set-to-profit-from-bank-holiday-splurge

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