Food To Go With Kara

The average time to travel to work is now at the highest on record at 28 minutes (45 minutes for London based commuters)* with these busier than ever lifestyles, Food to Go is here to stay. Kara has expanded their sliced cake range; to offer variety to these busy commuters. The range now includes a Strawberry Shortcake Rocky Road slice; yoghurt based rocky road with mini marshmallows, biscuit and strawberry pieces, and a devilish Pretzel Brownie; a moist brownie base topped with pretzel pieces and finished with caramel drizzle. Around 41% of brownies are purchased in a coffee shop at breakfast time*, these sliced cakes are a great addition for those brownie lovers and great paired with a freshly brewed Americano on the go.

Within a Coffee shop muffins are consumed on 43% of all sweet snacks purchases,* Kara’s Tulip Muffins are the ideal convenient treat on-the-go. The range, consists of much loved classics; Triple Chocolate Muffin and the classic Blueberry Crumble to new and exciting flavours such as a double injected Apple, Blackcurrant & Custard Crumble and a Strawberry & White Chocolate; a cream flavoured muffin with indulgent white chocolate chunks filled with a delicious strawberry centre and finished with a sugar dusting.

Jane Deegan, Kara Marketing Manager said: ‘With modern lifestyles now demanding food on the go, these changing consumers are driving the growing influence of Food to Go, there is a strong demand for quality and  value whilst not forgetting dietary requirements. Kara’s Tulip Muffins are a great sweet food to go menu item, visually premium whilst being nut free and the whole range is suitable for vegetarians, delicious.

With Food 2 Go estimated to be worth 20.7bn by 2018* Kara has a broad sweet and savoury product portfolio allowing vendors to update there offering and compete in this continuing  growing trend.

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*Data collected from MCA Allegra Bakery Tracker Q3 2017 MCA Menu & Food Trends 2017 and MCA 2018 Food 2 Go Debrief

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