Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with Kara

In the US July is officially proclaimed as National Hot Dog Month since 1957, but with the rising consumption of hot dogs in the UK, we are also witnessing an increasing number of caterers and wholesalers celebrating this delicious feast.

At the moment hot dogs are almost certainly the most prevalent food trend in the country, with a greater than ever number of establishments offering a constantly growing variety of fillings, seasonings and flavours. Restaurants and pubs across the UK have been offering pick and mix menus to satisfy even the most demanding consumers’ tastes. From ‘Mexicanas’ and ‘Tex Mex’ to ‘chilli cheese dogs’ and more gourmet options, hot dogs are now available in a broad range of different flavours. Menus and products’ names are also playing a significant role in attracting customers, along with some one-off and limited edition products, such as the World Cup Dogs.

At Kara we know that, when it comes to gourmet fast food, there is never a ‘one size fits all’ option. Our comprehensive range of hot dog rolls has been designed to cater for consumers’ tastes but also to help caterers and operators seize the opportunity of this growing trend and offer an original and differentiated menu. Our wide range of products includes both side- and top-sliced products, at jumbo and mark 6 sizes. Furthermore, after recognising a gap in the market, we recently launched a gourmet, high-quality, ‘brioche-style’ range of hot dog rolls in line with the movement in eating-out over the last year and the consumer demand for more premium offerings. Kara’s Gourmet glazed rolls  are already trusted by hundreds of operators nationally.

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