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At Kara we focus on research and insight to develop the latest on trend products.

Latest Trends with Kara


  • SOURDOUGH:-Sourdough is a key trend on breakfast and brunch menus this year.
  • MEXICAN FOOD DOMINATES :-Mexican cuisine was up by 16% at the end of 2016, estimated to be worth £512 million. Chefs are increasingly using Mexican inspiration to update their dishes.
  • COFFEE & CAKE:-55 million cups of coffee are sold in the UK everyday with  80% of consumers now visit a coffee shop once a week. Upon these visits the most desired food option with these visits is cake.
  • GLUTEN FREE DINING:-1.3 million Britons now follow a gluten-free diet with  74% of people stating they are more  likely to eat out every two weeks if more gluten-free options were available on menus.
  • AFTERNOON TEA:-9% of Brits visited a pub for Afternoon Tea in 2016, this is set to be a major growth trend for 2017.
  • BREAKFAST:-Egg consumption at breakfast is up 18% in the last two years. Sales of both poached and scrambled eggs have risen by 13% in 2016.
  • COCONUT FLAVOURS:- Coconut is set to be the key flavour trend in 2017, it’s use as a snacking item is set to gain more popularity this year amongst consumers.


  • COFFEE SHOPS:-15% of total Out Of Home visits were to a coffee shop in 2016; this is up 0.8% from last year.
  • FOOD ON THE GO:-Convenience is becoming increasingly important. 17.8% of people noted that their primary reason for eating out was because they were on leisure or work based commute.
  • SOCIAL BREAKFASTS:-Customers having social breakfasts have increased by 7.2% in 2016, this is up by 0.8% based on last year.
  • BRUNCH:-The blurring of meal time is becoming a key concept, with brunch now being in high demand and being served all day.
  • FAMILY VISITS:-Family occasions are growing particularly in full service restaurants, with visits up by 4.3%.
  • BURGER GROWTH:-Beef is the largest protein segment in pubs at 31% as burgers, steaks and grills are becoming more popular on menus.
  • HEALTHY EATING:-47% of millennials state they have changed their eating out habits switching to healthier diets.
  • STREET FOOD:-93% of millennials will increase their street food visits, with 76% wanting to see more street food in the future.

Coeliac UK estimate the hospitality industry misses out on an estimated £100 million a year by not catering for people with coeliac disease. Their research has found that 74% of people would eat out every two weeks if more gluten-free options were available on menus. The partnership between Kara and Genius has allowed for two innovative businesses who produce high quality ‘on trend’ bakery products to further develop products for foodservice to enable vendors to meet these growing market demands.

In order to help operators understand how to handle gluten-free products within the Kitchen, Kara has developed A Helpful Kitchen Guide’ to highlight the importance of keeping gluten-free products separate from products containing gluten. Download your copy