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British Sandwich Week

British Sandwich Week: Making the most of your sandwich offering

Best breakfast butties

To celebrate British Sandwich Week, Kara, the foodservice specialists of the Finsbury Food Group, has revealed that sandwiches have become the star of the breakfast table, with the share in sandwiches at this time rising from 5.1% to 6.2%[1], over the last year. Jane Olney, Commercial Director at Kara, discusses the role of the humble sandwich and how operators can tailor their menus to make the most of their sandwich offerings this British Sandwich Week.

“The huge growth that we have seen in sandwiches at breakfast time is in no doubt inextricably linked to the rising consumer trend of the gourmet ‘breakfast sarnie,’ with chefs pouring as much detail into a breakfast sandwich as they would a three-course meal.

“To create a breakfast that can work as a delicious grab and go option during the week or to be enjoyed over a lazy weekend morning, operators should look to using tasty, premium options for their breakfast sandwiches. A pork, sage and red onion Cumberland sausage, with crispy, smoked bacon in a toasted English muffin, for example, is one way to appeal to diners. This can also be elevated to increase price points (for example, adding items such as hash browns, eggs or cheese).


Classic comebacks  

“Sandwiches also remain as strong as ever at lunch times, with nearly a third of lunch visits involving sandwich carriers, driven primarily by the popularity of baguettes, toasted sandwiches and wraps, all gaining shares year-on-year.[2]

“What’s more, interest in traditional fillings is also making a resurgence as recent data revealed that the top three sandwiches for everyday occasions were: cheese, ham and cheese and ham salad[3]. Because of this, we would urge operators to get behind the trend by offering ‘dressed up’ versions of the much-loved classics. Opting for a higher quality cheese or a more flavourful cut of ham (such as honey roast or one well-seasoned with black pepper and mustard) as well as a more premium bread option such as a malted wheat baguette or seeded deli roll, gives operators the opportunity to increase revenue on classic concoctions.


Keeping it flexible

“It’s no secret that our dining habits are changing. As our lives get busier, we’re no longer sticking to traditional meal times and eating on-the-go has become the norm. With consumers now casting aside classic mealtimes, in favour of an ‘eat when hungry’ mentality, it couldn’t be a better time for operators to take advantage of the ever-so versatile gourmet sandwich, which can be adapted for any time of the day.

“Making the decision to experiment with different bread types and filling options across day parts is a small way to attract consumers who are looking for more traditional options. It is also an ideal opportunity to expand your menus and make the most of consumer trends. British Sandwich week couldn’t be a better time for operators to look at investing in their sandwich offerings and showing off their originality.”


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